Three Dubs In a Row

Cork in Dub

My sister took this photo of a cork with ‚Dub‘ written on it.

When Jamaican People smoke a whole lot of Weed they say „I am well red“ instead of „I feel high“. When I create this dubby tune I had holidays and I was alone at home with a whole lot of… guess, guess, guess … It was a very hot summer in Berlin. And after two weeks at the end of the work I felt more than just red, it was like double red.

The Initials Thee Balancer

For this tune I took all samples from one scene of the „Rockers“-Movie. The religious feeling of Winston Rodneys singing in this scene always touched my heart. But as I am not into Rastafarian I tried to recreate this mood into my own entheal yearning. You have to be patient before it comes to the musical part. I made a two-part intro of nearly 6 minutes at the beginning of the song. So its a kind of progressive Dub.

Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear & Leroy ‚Horsemouth‘ Wallace – Jah no dead – Scene from the movie ‚Rockers‘, 1978

 The Initials Thee Balancer

For this tune I took some samples of a fossy conversation by an older couple someone has found on his answering machine.

The Initials Thee Balancer

All these songs were created with Propellerhead software „Reason“. I put a gentle compression at the end with Apples Soundtrack Pro. They are not Mono-Compatibel I guess. I am not a professional engineer I have to admit.

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