Electronica – Three Pieces Of Sound

Summer holiday at Rügen, 2011

I took this photo in summer 2011 at the beach of Rügen

After finishing this song I gave it to my sister and ask her what title could match for it. She said call it „Nessun Oggetto“. This is italian for „no subject“.

I recorded some Breath-Samples for this tune through the microphone and speakers of a Toy-CD-Player of my little daughter.

The Initials Thee Balancer

I get an DVD with the stems of the song „Recovery IDea“ by Vladislav Delay. I get it because I bought the 12″ with the remixes to this song by Andy Stott and Fibla. Vladislav Delay gave the data to the first 100 buyers for free. As the work of Vladislav Delay really impressed me a lot, I took the chance to create a remix.

If you are interested what’s behind the meaning of the name „Kernkeulen Remix“ you can watch this short clip from Youtube (Sorry it’s only available in german language).

Ant bears Alien – The ‚Kernkeulen‘ phenomena

The Initials Thee Balancer

For this tune I took some samples from music my sister and I made nearly 30 years ago in the early 80ies. I added some new recorded samples, which sounds like a mooing cow similar to a sound Lee „Scratch“ Perry used in many songs from the Black Ark era. I always liked this sound. I read in the really good biography ‚People Funny Boy – The Genius of Lee „Scratch“ Perry‘ by David Katz that it wasn’t a cow who made this sound but a man with just a tube. I created my own cowhorn sound. „Enduring Chaos“ is not the only piece of music where I used this samples.

All these songs were created with Propellerhead software „Reason“. „Recovery IDea“ was the first one I also used „Record“. I put a gentle compression at the end with Apples Soundtrack Pro. They are not Mono-Compatibel I guess. I am not a professional engineer I have to admit.

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