Around 1990 I became interested in film making and invested all my modest savings into various short film projects. In the fall of 1992, I finally enrolled in the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne with the focus on directing for film and TV.

A wonderful time ensued during which I could work freely on my own projects. The latest technology was always available, and I was able to develop my skills in the areas of script writing, camera, direction, editing and postproduction without any distractions. In the later phases of my studies, I almost exclusively focused on sound design and film score. I graduated at the end of the year 1996. Given the fact that it is always difficult to finance film projects without compromises, I have refrained from realizing films since the end of my studies.

Filmography (Excerpt)

‚The Parallel Bars‘

Trailer for the script for a short film, 4,5 min., Germany 1995 – script, direction, editing, sound design

Storyboard ‘The Parallel Bars’ by NancyPreg

Storyboard ‘The Parallel Bars’ by NancyPreg

As my thesis for the Cologne Academy of Media Arts I wrote the script for a short film. It is based on themes in Pierre Klossowski’s novel ‚The Laws of Hospitality‘. The novel revolves around its main figure, Roberte. The mysterious riddle of her world as it moves between dream, imagination, true sensual experience and desires is the theme of this script. I managed to shoot a trailer with some scenes in order to provide a better introduction to the script. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to realize the project until today.

Storyboard ‘The Parallel Bars’ by NancyPreg


‚Günther Semmler – I Want To Be a Container!‘

Documentary, 24 min., Germany, 1994 – script, direction, camera, editing

Günther Semmler grew up in the Ruhr coal basin. After an early divorce from his wife he became homeless and lived on the streets for more than ten years. Music has always been his passion and also a good way to make some money. At the time of the shooting Günther was 63 years old and lived in a small flat near Essen’s central station. Almost every night he used to walk through town with his accordion. On one of these forays he met Stefan Stoppock, a singer of a rock band. A little later they released Günther’s ‚Container Song‘ on CD. Since then Stoppock has regularly invited Günther as a guest to the group’s concerts. The film is not concerned with the story of Günther’s life, but presents him without comments in various situations.



Short Film for a video competition on the topic of ‚Naked‘, 1,2 min., Germany, 1994 – script, direction, camera, editing, sound design

Video Stills ‚Naked‘

A young girl surrenders to her erotic fantasies in bed at night. Her clothes are torn from her body as if by a ghostly hand until she is finally naked at her climax. When she turns around to switch off the bedside lamp, she is again wearing all her clothes, untouched.

Video Stills ‚Naked‘


‚Nuff Respect And Guidance, Jamaica!‘

Documentary, 27 min., Jamaica/Germany 1993 – script, direction, camera, editing

The film provides an insight into the life of various people in a small village on the south coast of Jamaica, where I lived in 1988. Through the juxtaposition of different situations without any further comments, I present the people and their country that I came to love.

When I visit Jamaica for the first time my jamaican friends gave me the nickname ‚Rambo‘. I don’t know why, but I am a ‚Whity‘ and it was at the end of the 1980ies. And in those days the ‚Rambo‘ movies were big in Jamaica. That is the reason why everyone in my film calls me by that name.


‚Dance In Naked Misery‘

Drama, 36 min., Germany, 1992 – direction, editing, script by my sister

Trailer, ‚Dance In Naked Misery‘

Young Babette believes in a dubious theory of salvation which is disseminated by the preachings of her father. She enters a poor area in the city named ‚Fratzenberg‘, intending to do good. But her behavior is misunderstood and soon stirs up a hornet’s nest around her ears…

The film is a gleeful portrayal of personal needs and social grievances, murder and death, child abuse and religious mania. Constant misfortune and threatening circumstances apparently give the participants no cause for indignation. They also seem unphased in view of their eerie everyday lives. Above all, there is a silent understanding by everyone that they are not directly touched by this horror, but can exploit the horror for their own entertainment.


‚He Who Sits On The Bench Of Love…‘

Experimental film, circa 30 min., Germany, 1991 – script, direction, camera, editing

I never finished the work on this movie. What you see here are some cuttings.

Love as a constant longing and the knowledge of death imbue a mysterious and tense relationship that beyond all doubt poses fundamental questions about the nature of life. The film is an attempt to deal with these questions.

The film has a number of very different scenes that are completely independent of each other, but are focused on a central figure. In carefully composed images the actors move around without uttering a single word, so that the music becomes a significant stylistic element of the film. Some of the stories are in fact accompanied by parts of operas and matching texts.



Short film, 4 min., Germany, 1991 – script, direction, editing, acting

Video Stills ‚Loris‘

A film on the poem ‚Die Beiden‘ by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, which he wrote under the pseudonym ‚Loris‘. It concerns a passionate love affair by a young couple. I play both the male and the female role. The film contrasts this poem from Hoffmannsthal’s youth with something he wrote in his later years: ‚Wer auf der Bank der Liebe sitzt, braucht die Schönheit der Dinge nicht.‘ (He who sits on the bench of love does not need the beauty of things‘).

Video Stills ‚Loris‘

Video Stills ‚Loris‘