Lee ‚Scratch‘ Perry

„Don’t care how great you think you are, Mr. Smart – there is always someone who is smarter than you!“, this is my favourite quotation out of the countless songs by Lee „Scratch“ Perry. I am a bit of a fan of the whole work he has done in the last 50 years. Not just as a musician and singer but also as a producer and inventor.

Literature about Lee 'Scratch' Perry

I recommend this three books if you want to go deeper into the work of Lee ‚Scratch‘ Perry

I you want to know more about the life and work of the so called Upsetter I recommend the very detailed biography ‚People Funny Boy‘ by David Katz. Another good book by the same author is ‚Solid Foundation – An Oral History Of Reggae‘. And if this is still not enough knowledge you can read the book ‚DUB‘ by Michael E. Veal wich is a musicological work on Dub music and its influences.

A Must Go, when he is in town, Lee Scratch Perry, Concert Tickets

I saw him six or seven times on stage in my life. Here are some of my Concert tickets.

The first time I saw Mr. Perry in concert was 1990 and since that time I don’t miss any show when he was in my town. The last concert was in february 2012 in Berlin.

I shoot this clip last time I saw Lee ‚Scratch‘ Perry in concert, Berlin 2012

If you search on YouTube for him you get more results than you can watch on a weekend. Last time I was searching I find this great piece of music. Although it is no Reggae Riddim it is a great song.

A wonderful Lovesong – Lee “Scratch“ Perry – More Than Money feat. Starkee The Dubby

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