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H.E.L.P. Jamaica

I took this photo from the website of H.E.L.P. Jamaica e.V.

I went to Jamaica in 1988 for the first time and lived in a secluded little village in the hills at the coast of Westmoreland for nearly one year.
When I remember the times I spent in Jamaica I often do think of the youngsters all around. A phenomenon over there is that the babymothers often have a lot of children by different fathers. The fathers mostly are gone after they have done the work and bring the evidence of there efficient ability to father a child. To find a complete family with mother and father is extremely seldom. So most women are really struggling hard to raise their children. Many of the kids grow up with sugar water instead of milk, followed by rice and beans with dumplings every day. If you think Jamaica is the paradise where the fruits are falling from the trees for free you are completely wrong. I was impressed by the solidarity of the people. Even the little they have they share generously with each other. But at the end of the day for many people there is nothing left for cloth, medicine or school. No child in Jamaica is allowed go to school without a proper uniform. The parents have to pay the bus fare and give a little lunch money every day. So it is quite deer to send your children to school continually. And most Kids can’t go to school on a regular basis. What I observed was that many mothers really had a guilty conscience about that fact. So they try to send their children as often as they can to school.

The H.E.L.P. Jamaica! Song – Ephraim Juda feat. Ganjaman

I read about this project HELP Jamaica e.V. in the last months quite a lot. The german based Reggae Magazine ‚Riddim‘ did report about it more often. There is also a english version of that magazine available as long as I know. The people of this puplic charity seems to care about the problems I write above. They work hard for more than two years and opened an ‚Reading Center‘ in Kingston. If you want to get more informations please visit their website or their YouTube-Channel.

Here ist how they describe themselves:
HELP Jamaica! stands for Help Establish Library Projects in Jamaica! and is a registered non-profit organisation based in Germany and Jamaica. We aspire to build libraries and education centers in needy communities in Jamaica to provide necessities for success in school and life: Free access to books and computers and the oversight of a skilled and caring staff who can help the youths learn and establish reading and computer skills. Our aim is to encourage creativity, talent, hope, ambition and excellence to break the circle of frustration, violence and crime! Education For A Change!

H.E.L.P. JAMAICA 2012 – Slideshow by a volunteer

After all I read about it I thought it is a must to support them. I became a passive member and donate a little money every three month. Secondly I spread the message here on my blog. And last but not least I hope to find the time to produce a dubby piece of music. May be I find some singers and/or DJ’s who like to voice it. And if there are some people willing to give some money for it e.g. when we sell it on we can support the people of HELP Jamaica e.V. this way.

If you do like this idea do not hesitate to contact me.

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