I Wanna Jam With You

After working for about ten years all by my own I am looking for companions now. There is a tendency of loneliness as an electronic musician in front of your Computer. Danger is imminent to move in circles. I was used to work with other people in the 90ies as the drummer of a Reggae band or with my classmates while studying at the Academy Of Media Arts in Cologne.
In the last few months I developed a different style of production especially for the Dub based tunes I create. A style that allows me to jam with the sounds and rhythms instead of controlling every bit and byte by drawing my envelope curves with maniac accuracy.
The aspect of repetition in Dub music and getting in a meditative condition or a hypnotic trance is very important to me. Improvising without having the aim of creating a perfect song leads exactly there, to a state of meditation. No wonder that this tune has a length of 15 minutes.

But jamming alone is just half the fun. So if you like what you hear do not hesitate to contact me. Of course I would prefer to find some musicians in Berlin to do some live jams. But I also can imagine to cooperate via internet with musicians all over the world for certain projects or even for just one song.
My dream cast would be a player of a brass instrument, first of all a trumpet, french horn or trombone player. A experimental guitarist with many FX-pedals, a singer or toasting DJ could be a enrichment, too. But  I am receptive to any kind of musician.
Of course I am willing to leave much more space in my mixings when working together with others.

You can listen to ‚2 B Pretty Sucks‘ and my other music on Soundcloud in CD Quality.


This tune, like all my other music was made with ‚Reason‘ by Propellerhead Software.

Author on Google+ Rambo Balancer


  1. Farrah Anwar says:

    The chills that you spill up my back keep me filled with satisfaction … DUB IS IN THE HEART

  2. hat mir sehr gut gefallen, bin beeindruckt,

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