The Maas Herman Dubs, Pt.1 – Spirit

Maas Herman, Jamaica 1988

During the first half of the 80ies, I discovered my passion for reggae music. In order to learn more about my favorite music, I decided to spend nearly one year on Jamaica. I went there in 1988 at the age of 20 for the first time and lived in a secluded little village in the hills at the coast of Westmoreland. During this time, I learned a lot about the country, its people and their music. By a fortune coincidence I met Mass Herman whereby me and a friend of mine rented a room in his little wooden house on a yard way up in the hills. It was pure country living, we had no electricity, did our cooking with bonfire and our water line was on the next yard.

Cottage on my Yard, Westmoreland, Cave Mountain, Jamaica

The little cottage on the yard I lived on, Cave Mountain, Jamaica 1988

In Jamaica they put the word ‚Maas‘ beforehand the name of a person as a respectful form of address to an older man. Mass Herman was around 50 years of age and it is thanks to him that I really got deep into the jamaican way of living.

Minibusstop at the south coast of Jamaica

In the shadow of this Almond tree I often waited for a minibus to Savanna La Mar or Kingston, Jamaica, Westmoreland 1988

We always listened to the Radio with an old cassette radio. One day I taped a brief conversation we had. I took this recording for the samples of my tune ‚The Spirit‘. While working with his words 24 years after they were spoken, I realized that Maas Herman points out the core situation of our relationship. ‚Is like you go some places, strange places and you don’t know no one, you always find somebody who the spirit rub‘. This is exactly what happens to me when I met him. I was in a very strange place, Jamaica, and I met his caring spirit. He gave me an helping hand and he gave me shelter, he taught me so many things about life, respect, love and mercy. And I am very thankful for what he gave to me down to the present day.

Pickney on their way to the shop after school

School pickney in front of a shop, Jamaica 1993

I still have a bunch of material to create nice samples of Maas Herman. And I plan to make two more Dubs with his voice. So in the end there will be a trilogy of ‚The Maas Herman Dubs‘.

The documentary I shoot in Jamaica with the title ‚Nuff Respect And Guidance‘, 1993

In 1993 I returned to Jamaica and shoot a documentary about the people of the little village I lived. The film provides an insight into the life of various people in the small village on the south coast of Jamaica, where I lived. Through the juxtaposition of different situations without any further comments, I present the people and their country that I came to love. Of course Maas Herman is represented prominently in the movie.

The cassette recorder we had, Jamaica 1993

Jamaican people are mad about giving their peers nicknames. It is hard to find a person without a nickname. So I got a nickname, too. They decided to call me ‚Rambo‘. I don’t know why, but I am a ‘Whity’ and it was at the end of the 1980ies. And in those days the ‘Rambo’ movies were big in Jamaica. That is the reason why all my friends in Jamaica call me by that name.


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  2. Give Thanks Flex for your comment! I am still in contact with some of the people I get to know in Jamaica, especially in Cave Mountain.

    Love & Guidance

    There is mistake in the URL you have postet. This is the correct one

  3. Bless up Rambo,

    real country story, love it di max. mi deh a kentucky from ’98…an rambo still known up deh. 😉

    nuff nuff blessings ur way!

    one child for a change!

  4. me -too!!rock on!

  5. Nicole says:

    i like it! super-duper. kiss


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