Why I Love ‚Reason‘ – My Setup

My Projekt Music Studio with KORG SV1 Keyboard and MIDI Controller

My projekt studio at home, HiHat and Mic, KORG SV1 Keyboard, Mac Pro and MIDI Controller

I am always very interested in what kind of equipment other musicians are using, e.g. Chris Carter shares his Live-Setups on a regular basis on Flickr.

My MIDI Controller and TB 303

Projekt Studio with three Behringer MIDI Controller, BCF2000 and BCR200, AKAI MPD18 and Roland Bass Line TB 303

So I thought it is a good idea to present you my setup. As I stated in an article before I am an enthusiastic user of Propellerheads Software. All my songs were created with ‚Reason‘ and ‚Record‘. I don’t use any other software. And because of the perfect ‚Remote‘ protocol of Propellerheads Software you can integrate as much MIDI-Controllers as you like. You can choose wether they should control the same device or different devices. I currently use six different controllers. [Update 2012|09: With the release of Reason Version 6.0 Record was intergrated complete into Reason]

I am the proud owner of a Roland Bass Line TB 303

Projekt Studio, the Roland Bass Line TB 303 I bought by myself 1982

My MIDI-Masterkeyboard is just a simple ‚evolution MK-249C‚. I just use it for playing notes via the keys and leave the knobs and buttons untouched. [Update 2012|09: I exchanged the ‚evolution MK-249C‘ for a KORG SV1 Keyboard]
For all mixing tasks with faders I use a Behringer BCF2000 Controller with eight motorized Faders.

MIDI Controller BCR2000 from Behringer

I use one of my Behringer MIDI BCR2000 for controlling the channel strips of Reasons Mixer

Furthermore I own two Behringer BCR2000 with 32 illuminated rotary encoders each. Propellerhead provides a number of well-conceived mappings for all the devices in the rack. I use the first BCR2000 for these mappings and change the assignment for whatever I need it, e.g. I can control every knob of a channel strip of ‚Records‘ great mixing console, or I want to create a new sound on one of ‚Reasons‘ Synths and so on. Just one click and a new device is connected with the Controller. The second BCR2000 Controller is used for individual mappings. You can assign any knob of any device in the rack to any knob of the controller by using the menu item ‚Remote Override‘. As I built my own fx-devices this is very comfortable to control this complex units.

BCR2000 from Behringer

I am using the second BCR2000 MIDI Controller for individual mappings.

For all Drum-Programing I have two Controllers, one AKAI MPD 18 – Pad Controller and one ALESIS Drum Control-Pad. The AKAI Controller is perfect to control the new KONG device, but not only for that. With the ALESIS Drum Control-Pad one can play with real drumsticks which allows you to express different styles you can’t play which fingerpads or keys.

Recording some real HiHat and Snare sounds in my project studio

For some of my songs I create my own Drum samples and loops – KORG SV1 Keyboard, HiHat and Snare, Alesis Control Pad

I connected all these Controllers without any problems. In most cases it was simply ‚Plug and Play‘. It is fast and easy to create new work flow situations. With the context-menu of each device you can route any controller to any device in just a second.

Line6 Interface with Dancing Death

Dancing Death on my Line 6 Interface Tone Port UX2

For the recording of audio material I got some Microphones and a ‚Line 6 – Tone Port UX2‘ interface which works perfect with the software. The functional interaction of the ‚Line 6‘ interface and the corresponding guitar and bass amplifier devices in ‚Record‘ provides manifold different speaker modeling capabilities.

Please apologize my english as I am no native speaker.


  1. I tried ‚TouchOSC‘ on my iPhone (I don’t have an iPad yet) but I still prefer the feeling of real knobs and faders. For me they are more sensual than a touchscreen…

  2. cool set up! I used to have a bunch of controllers myself but since i got an iPad and RetouchControl (, i am selling a lot of them! You should try it out, it’s awesome.

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